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Canajoharie & Catskill

The Canajoharie & Catskill Railroad was one of the pioneer railroads, and one of the resounding early failures, of this or any region. Chartered in 1828 as the Catskill & Ithaca, it was to run inland from the village of Catskill on the Hudson toward Ithaca in the Finger Lakes region, but reached only as far as Cooksburg in 1842. Never realizing even a fraction of the through traffic for which it was built, in 1842 it was abandoned and scrapped. A train of the Canajoharie & Catskill was memorialized by the founder of the Hudson River school of painters, Thomas Cole. His work, River in the Catskills, hangs in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Milepost Location (known Stations)
0.00 Begins 26 ch'ns north of Depot
0.49 (Cooksburg Depot)
0.75 Road to Potter's Hollow
0.90 Hands Tannery
1.93 Brown's Fulling Mill
3.43 Richardson's Mill
3.93 Oak Hill (Station)
4.50 Mr. Stanard's
4.80 Opposite Tremain's tannery
5.40 Bridge over Catskill
6.09 Bridge over Catskill
7.58 Hedges
8.23 East Durham (Winansville)
9.15 Hay Press
12.73 Bridge 26 ft span over small stream
13.60 Road
14.00 opposite Woodstock
14.63 Samuel Bennett's
15.15 Cairo
17.65 rock excavations
18.63 opposite Mr. Blackmar's
18.90 Depot
19.18 South Cairo
19.35 Scotch Rock
20.83 Wolcott's Mills
21.43 Toll Gate
22.25 Henry M. Vedder's
22.78 Lime Kiln
23.03 Third Bridge
23.93 Paper Mill
25.23 Second Bridge over the Catskill
25.73 First Bridge over the Catskill
26.05 Rail Road Office

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