UDRRHS Cold Spring Creamery

Cold Spring Creamery, Roxbury, NY
collection of Dick Makse
The Cold Spring Creamery opened April 1, 1899 at what was called "Travis Crossing" below Roxbury. J.L. Hults of Stamford was buttermaker. The Cold Spring creamery was a cooperative and its first officers were: President George Bouton; secretary, Edward Bartram. The last officers were President Scott Hinkley; secretary, James M. Bouton, treasurer, Bruce Mead. First manager was Richard Robinson, then John O'Kelly, 1904-10. Then others, who stayed a short time, then in 1916, Fred Blumer who remained twenty years until the creamery closed about 1936.

History of the Town of Roxbury by Irma Mae Griffin, (Privately published, Revised ed. 1975)

(webmaster's note: Cold Spring Creamery was listed as a station 56 by the U&D. The creamery's loading platform still stands next to the track of the Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride.)

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