Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society RIP VAN WINKLE FLYER
Compiled by John and Sue Hudson and Steve Delibert

No. 1 (April, 1984)
  • Welcome Aboard!
    Opening statement welcoming first chapter members.
  • Please Share
    Membership Participation in Flyer contents.
  • Our Purpose
    Statement of Chapter's Purpose; By-laws; NRHS affiliation; preservation.
  • Our Bulletin Name
    Background of Rip Van Winkle Flyer name.
  • Our Sphere of Influence
    States and Geographic areas to be covered by the Flyer.
  • Initial Membership Roster
  • President's Message
(As a charter document, this initial Flyer contained no historical articles.)

No. 2 (Fall, 1984)
  • New York Central's Second Railroad Wonder Trip
    by Edward L. May
    Summer, 1936 fan trip over U&D.
  • The Branch Line to Delhi, NY
    by Fred N. Arone
    NYO&W's Delhi Branch.
  • Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride 1984 Season
    by John O. Hedrick

No. 3 (Fall, 1985)
  • New York Central System Locomotives of the Catskill Mountain Branch (table)
    by Edward L. May
  • When Winter's Ice was a Crop, Not a Hazard
    by John M. Ham
    Ice Harvesting along the U&D and Subsidiary Lines.
  • Fast Milk Train Wrecked Depot at Kelly Corners
    Catskill Mountain News Article from 7/13/34
  • Delaware & Eastern / Delaware & Northern
    by Edward L. May
    short history of the D&E / D&N.

No. 4 (March, 1986)
  • News and Information.
  • Wallkill Valley Railroad
    by Fred N. Arone
    History of the Wallkill V alley

No. 5 (June, 1986)
  • News and Information
    Includes Jacksonburg Creek bridge wreck on Delaware & Eastern.
  • The Catskill Mountain House and Charles L. Beach: Beginnings
    by Sue Hudson
    Part I of 3; covers evolution of Hotel to about 1838
  • The New Paltz & Poughkeepsie Traction Company
    by John Hudson
    History of the NP&P
  • The Shandaken Station Shuffle
    by John Hudson
    Story of local struggle to decide location of new station in Town of Shandaken

No. 6 (September 1986)
  • News and Information
  • 50th Anniversary of U&D Wonder Trip
    by John Hudson
    Fan Trip
  • The Catskill Mountain House and Charles L. Beach: The Glory Years
    by Sue Hudson
    Part 2: History of Hotel from 1839 to 1903 during prime years.
  • Rails Along Resort Ridge: The Story of the Catskill & Tannersville Railroad
    by John Hudson
    History of the C&T

No. 7 (December, 1986)
  • News and Information
  • Kingston Trolley Museum
    by Robert A. Lowe
    Report on Kingston (NY) Trolley Museum operations and preservation.
  • The 1911 Halcottville Wreck
    by John Hudson
    8/31/1911 U&D collision at Halcottville, N.Y.

No. 8 (September, 1987)
  • News and Information
  • The Catskill Mountain House and Charles L. Beach: Conclusion
    by Sue Hudson
    Part 3: History of Hotel from 1902 until 1963 burning by State of New York.
  • The Ulster & Delaware Railroad: A Brief Description
    by John Hudson
    Brief Description of line route; Table of elevations and grades.
  • Horsing Around
    by John Hudson
    Short article on Halcottville incident involving a horse and the U&D
  • Diesels of Catskill Mountain Branch
    by Gene Dauner
    Chronology of diesels used by New York Central in U&D line service.

No. 9 (December, 1987)
  • News and Information.
  • A Friend I Never Met
    by Richard Hover
    Personal Glimpse of U&D.
  • The Dunderberg Spiral Railway
    by John Hudson
    History of Spiral Railroad on Dunderberg Mountain that was never completed.
  • New York Central Locomotives on the Catskill Mountain Branch
    by Edward L. May
    Personal observations of NYC steam engines that appeared on the U&D.
  • July 28, 1940 at Margaretville
    by John Hudson
    (based on letters from Ed May)
    D&N action at Margaretville, N.Y. during fan trip.

No. 10 (March-June, 1988)
  • News and Information
  • A Brief Sketch of the Orange County Traction Co.
    by John Hudson
    History of Line
  • The Orange County Traction Company: Head-on Collision at Orange Lake
    by John Hudson
    9/5/1903 head-on trolley collision.
  • O&W Caboose Development
    by Bob Mohowski
    Evolution of O&W Bobber Cabooses.

No. 11 (September, 1988)
  • News and Information
  • Requiem for an Old Friend
    by John Hudson
    Reminiscences of recently burned O&W station at East Branch, N. Y.
  • Hunter Township's Cottage Communities: Twilight and Santa Cruz Parks
    by Sue Hudson
    Evolution of two exclusive Catskill summer retreats
  • More Ed May Delaware & Northern Photos: Arkville, 1936
    by John Hudson
    More D&N action at Arkville, N.Y. during 1936 fan trip
  • Ghost Hunting on Saratoga & Schuylerville
    by Jack Wright
    Part 1: Modern Exploration of ex-Boston & Maine branch
  • Dining at the Depot
    by Richard Hover
    Personal experiences at U&D Oneonta, N.Y. depot.

No. 12 (December, 1988)
  • News and Information
  • The Depots of Catskill, N.Y.
    by John Hudson
    Four depots at Catskill, N. Y.
  • Ghost Hunting on the Saratoga & Schuylerville
    by Jack Wright
    Part 2: Covers balance of line.
  • Big Dreams, Little Railroads
    by John Hudson
    History of railroad development to connect the area around Cherry Valley, Cooperstown and Richfield Springs with the Mohawk and Susquehanna Valleys.
  • West Point Foundry
    by Robert Lowe
    Part 1: History of famous locomotive-building foundry.

No. 13 (March-June, 1989)
  • News and Information.
  • Runaway Engines
    from Northeastern Division Dispatch
    1962 runaway engine incident on NYC mainline between DeWitt Yard and Brighton, N.Y.
  • NYO&W's Summitville Depot: Eulogy for a Soon-to-be-Gone Friend
    by John Hudson
    Review of Summitville, N. Y. depot characteristics.
  • The Hotels of Dr. S. E. Churchill
    by Sue Hudson
    History of Stamford, N.Y., hotel development by Dr. Churchill.
  • West Point Foundry
    by Robert Lowe
    Part 2 of history.
  • The Cooperstown & Northern Railroad
    by Jim Loudon
    Part 1: History of Line.
  • July 16, 1900 in Oneonta, N.Y.: The First U&D Passenger Train Heads for Kingston from Oneonta, N.Y.
    Star Story of U&D's first revenue passenger train to leave Oneonta for Kingston.

No. 14 (September 1989)
  • News and Information
  • Grand Gorge: The Worst Wreck in the U&D's History
    by John Hudson
    May 26, 1922 wreck on U&D in ravine at Grand Gorge killing six employees.
  • Disaster in Durham
    by Richard S. Allen
    Canajoharie & Catskill RR wreck on May 4, 1840, at High Rock Bridge.
  • The Cooperstown & Northern, Part 2
    by Jim Loudon
    Grading and Work building this line along Otsego Lake. Includes interesting courtroom battles with landowners and subsequent efforts by Boston & Maine to resurrect the line.
  • Along the Right-of-Way: The U&D at Hobart, N. Y.
    by John Hudson
    First in a continuing series relating little-known stories about towns along the U&D line. Hobart is the first installment.

No. 15 (December, 1989)

54 Page Special Ashokan Reservoir Project Issue. This issue exclusively covers the Ashokan Reservoir Project from its inception to its completion. The issue is broken down into eight sections: Preface, main article, personal reminiscence, and five photo scrapbook sections covering key topics. There are 72 photos and four maps used on the Ashokan articles.

  • News and information.
  • The Ashokan Reservoir Project Scrapbook: A Preface
    by John Hudson
    Background Information on key terminology used in main article. Includes maps showing the locations of key points of interest.
  • The MacArthur Brothers and Winston & Company: Construction Railroads on the Ashokan Reservoir Project
    by Eugene C. Dauner
    Major article covering standard and narrow gauge railroads used to build the dam and work camp/town. Features extensive photo coverage.
  • Ashokan Reservoir Recollections
    by Craig A. Woodworth
    Short article on Craig's father's days on the project. Focuses on the 5-arch and 15-arch bridges.
  • The Ashokan Reservoir Project Scrapbook:
    • Part I: The Village and Camps.
    • Part II: Support Facilities for the Project.
    • Part III: Equipment.
    • Part IV: The Men Who Built It.
    • Part V: The Dam, Its Weirs, and Dikes.
Each section features photos and cabinet cards depicting scenes at the reservoir. These sections are meant to be subordinate to the two main articles on the dam construction railroads themselves.

No. 16 (March, 1990)
  • News and Information
  • Haines Falls Remembrances:
    An Interview with Mrs. William P. Hacker, Part 1

    Covers Mrs. Hacker's memories of summers spent in Twilight and Santa Cruz Parks at Haines Falls, N.Y. during the early years of this century.
  • In Days of Olde on the Ulster & Delaware.
    Three short articles on the U&D taken from the Oneonta (N.Y.) Herald between 1906 and 1921
  • Jay Gould Rode these Rails
    by Fred Arone
    Covers the Gould family presence in the Catskills. Special focus on Jay Gould's private car Atalanta, which was a frequent visitor to the region.
  • A Directory of Catskill Region Railroads, Part I: 1828-1851
    First installment of a continuing series on the chronological formation of steam and electric railroads throughout the Catskill region. This will include all lines whether built or proposed.
  • Down on Main Street
    by John Hudson
    Article on nine stores from various locations in the Catskills.

No. 17 (June-September, 1990)
  • News and Information
  • Haines Falls Remembrances: An Interview with Mrs. William P. Hacker, Part 2 .
    Continues Mrs. Hacker's memories of summers spent in Twilight and Santa Cruz Parks at Haines Falls, N.Y. during the early days of this century.
  • A Look Back: Railroad Stories from the Newspaper Files
    Stories on the U&D from the Oneonta Herald, 1908 to 1920.
  • Along the Right-of-Way: Recollections of Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Tremper, N.Y.
    by Craig Woodworth
    Stories of Craig's boyhood summers spent at Mt. Pleasant and Mt. Tremper (The Corner). Covers railroading, hotels, boarding houses, and the lifestyles of the era.
  • A Directory of Catskill Region Railroads, Part II: 1860-1869
    This installment reviews those railroads originally chartered during the 1860's decade.

No. 18 (December- March, 1991)

  • News and Information.
  • Bobber Restoration Progress
    Project Update.
  • Special Report: U&DRRHS Proposed Railroad Museum.
    Outlines plans for a proposed 30+ acre site at Arkville, N. Y. Includes diagram.
  • The Little Red Bouncer
    by C. D. Cassidy
    Life in a caboose on the Burlington Route near Kansas City.
  • A Directory of Catskill Region Railroads, Part III: 1870-1879 .
    This installment reviews those railroads originally chartered during the decade of the 1870's.
  • Twelve Die Trapped in Flames as Famed Catskill Inn Burns.
    Original Daily News article covering the July 14, 1924, burning of the Twilight Inn at Haines Falls, N.Y.
  • Maybrook: An Introduction
    by John Hudson
    Covers the activity among Central New England predecessors that led to the building of the Poughkeepsie Bridge and the Maybrook yards and shops..
  • Maybrook: Gateway to New England
    by Dave Read
    Covers the developments leading to the railroad operations at Maybrook. Includes the Central New England (later New Haven), O&W, Erie, Lehigh & Hudson River, Lehigh & New England, West Shore, and Wallkill Valley, which all had access to Maybrook. Extensively illustrated.
  • The Operations at Maybrook
    by John Hudson
    Offers track diagrams and photos to show the overall operations at Maybrook. Includes shops, roundhouse, turntable, yards, station, and office buildings.
  • The Roads to Maybrook: An Orange County Scrapbook
    by John Hudson
    Photo retrospective of the various railroads that served Orange County, New York, with special emphasis on key junctions like Campbell Hall, Goshen, and Greycourt.

No. 19 (September, 1991 )
  • Society News and Miscellaneous Short Articles
  • The Glenford Wreck - Boiler Explosion on the Ulster & Delaware, August 23, 1930
    by John Hudson
  • The Port Dickinson & Chenango River Railroad Company (Binghamton Area industrial, 1881-1886)
    by John Hudson
  • A Last Passage to East Branch: May 31, 1941 (Delaware & Northern near the end)
    by George Phelps
  • Photo Supplement to the above
  • A Directory of Catskill Region Railroads, Part IV: 1880-1884
    by Sue Hudson

No. 20 (Spring, 1993) (Tabloid)
  • Cover Photo:
    U&D 4-6-0 19 upgrade at Kaaterskill Junction with Rip Van Winkle Flyer
  • Society News
  • Town of Harpersfield v. Ulster & Delaware Railroad - The Railroad Never Built
    by John Hudson
  • Locomotives of the Ulster & Delaware - Roster
    Compiled by New York Division of Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc., 9/20/1936
  • The Catskill Mountain Railroad - 1884 Road Inspection Report
    compiled by John Hudson from Second annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners of the State of New York
  • Photo Feature - Beginning Reconstruction of Bobber Caboose
  • Model Clubs and Museums along the Ulster & Delaware
  • Donation of BEDT 14 Porter 0-6-0T to Society
  • Map of property at Arkville Leased to UDRRHS by Catskill Revitalization Corp.

No. 21 (Summer, 1993) (Tabloid)
  • Cover Photo:
    BEDT 0-6-0T 14 on Black River & Western
  • Society News
  • Pedigree of BEDT 0-6-0T 14
    by Carl Lathrop
  • My Day with the X-2000 (Amtrak High-Speed Experimental)
    by Ron Ridolph
  • Disasters and Dollars Trampled White Elephant Railroad - the Short-Lived Athens & Schenectady
    by Bill McCord
  • Diary of an 1856 Traveler to the Catskills - by railroad on the Erie to Hancock, and by stage to Franklin, Delaware County.
  • Ulster & Delaware 1901 Map

No. 22 (Summer, 1994 )
  • Cover Photo:
    Middleburgh & Schoharie 2-4-4T "Schoharie"
  • Society News
  • Reminiscences of Phoenicia, Ulster County (ca. 1916) (Part I)
    by Maria Longyear, then aged 75

No. 23 (Fall, 1994)
  • Cover Photo:
    Former U&D 4-6-0 NYC 801 on Wallkill Valley turntable at Campbell Hall
  • Society News
  • Reminiscences of Phoenicia, Ulster County (ca. 1916) (Part II)
    by Maria Longyear, then aged 75
  • November 1926 Flood Tore Apart Phoenicia U&D Rail Yards
    with excerpts from Catskill Mountain News and Ray Baldwin photos.
  • "Magic" and Disaster on the Wallkill Valley Railway
    excerpts from then-forthcoming Listen to the Whistle
    by Carleton Mabee

No. 24 (Winter, 1995)
  • Cover Photo:
    NYC "cigar band" RS32 renumbered
    Penn Central 2023 on Pine Hill.
  • Society News and Miscellaneous Short Articles
  • The Kingston to Oneonta Railroad Through the Years
    by Chet Lyons, Jr.
  • Catskill Mountain Railway Repairs 1987 Flood Damage Along the Esopus
    from Dec. 7, 1994, Catskill Mountain News
  • Photo Feature - More 1926 Flood Damage to U&D in Phoenicia Area
  • Empire State Railway Museum Plans
  • Directors' Meeting Minutes

No. 24S (Special Steam Locomotive Supplement - Winter, 1995)
  • Photo Feature
    Transport of ex-BEDT 0-6-0T 14 to Arkville
  • The Genealogy of Number 14
  • History and Development of Tank Engines
  • by Carl Lathrop

No. 25 (Winter, 1996 )
  • Photos:
    • Delaware & Northern 4-4-0 #3(2nd); on the cover a NYC dining car chef stands in the vestibule door of an adjoining coach, peering at D&N 3 in Arkville yard. Why was there a dining car at Arkville in September 1938?
    • NYC 4-6-0's 813 and 814 (ex-U&D 36 and 37) doublehead a long milk train near Mt. Pleasant.
  • Wallkill Valley Railroad Book Finished
    by Carleton Mabee
  • Mountain Top Historical Society Buys Haines Falls U&D Station
  • John Ham's "Slim Rails"
    Article in Kaatskill Life Magazine
  • Au Revoir, Penn Central
    by Carl Lathrop
  • Davenport Center U&D Station Restored as Private Dwelling
    with photos of restoration project.
  • Society Equipment Unhurt in (January 1996) Flood, but DURR Loss may Hit $1 Million
  • The Old Red Bull Was Blue
    Claim Letter to D&N
  • Miscellaneous Member News

No. 26

No. 27 (Winter, 1997)
  • General Society News
  • Catskill Mountain Line is Now Local History
    Reprint of Article from October 9, 1976 Oneonta Star on Abandonment of Catskill Mountain Branch (U&D)
  • Now it Belongs to History
    Reprint from October 6, 1976, Stamford Mirror-Recorder
  • A Stillness Along the Rails
    Retrospective by Al Weiss - Reprint form Oneonta Star, Jan. 30, 1997
  • My Day with the 614: Steam at Port Jervis, N.Y. - the ex-C&O 4-8-4 in excursion service
    by Ron Ridolph.
  • Photos
    • NYC RS-3s 8286 and 8344 westbound into Arkville, Dec. 1964
    • U&D 4-4-0 3(2nd)(Brooks Builder's Photo)
    • Society's bobber caboose as Unadilla Valley 51
    • Society's 0-6-0T BEDT 14 at Kent Avenue, March 1963
    • Sing Sing Prison 4-wheel electric motor, 9/22/1929
    • U&D 12(2nd), 18 (ex-5) in dead line at Rondout, November, 1932.

No. 28 (Spring, 1997)

  • Last Passenger Train at Arkville, March 31, 1954
    (photo series by Al Weiss)
    RS3 8328, heavyweight pass-bagg combo; bagg-rpo combo, 3 coaches
  • Directors Move to Put Society Projects Back on Track
  • New York, Kingston & Syracuse Railroad - "Mountain Guide" (ca. 186x)
  • Trucks Will Take Place of Trains on Mountain Branch (for express and l.c.l.)
    from Catskill Mountain News Article, March 26, 1954
  • Passenger Train Service Comes to End on U&D
    from Catskill Mountain News Article, April 2, 1954
  • Work Party Report, Arkville, June 22, 1997
  • In a Railway Post Office - A trip in a baggage car [sic - r.p.o] on the Ulster & Delaware
    from The New York Times, July 26, 1884.
  • Handling the Mail Between Train and Post Office at East Meredith, 1927 - 1931 - Reminiscence
    by Margaret Schmitt
  • Plan for 5,000 to Visit (New York State) Freedom Train at Arkville
    from Catskill Mountain News, August 19, 1949
  • 2,750 persons visit Freedom Train at Arkville
    from Catskill Mountain News, Sept. 16, 1949

No. 29 (Winter, 1997)

  • Cover Photo: Catskill Mountain Railway at Cairo, ca. 1916.
  • Society News
  • Down the Tremperskill on the D&N - Memories of the Andes Branch, before and after abandonment
    by Howard Frisbee
  • Late January Blizzard Shuts Down Railroads in 1885
    Articles compiled from Kingston Freeman by Al Weiss
  • The Catskill Mountain Railroad- an 1884 Inspection Report, compiled from Second Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners of New York
    by John Hudson
  • Thomas Cornell's Other Railroad - The Rhinebeck & Connecticut
    by John Hudson

No. 30 (Spring, 1998)

  • Cover:
    Otis Railway / Catskill & Tannersville Annual Pass, 1904
  • West Out of Kingston - Memoir of a 1947 Trip, Kingston to Oneonta, on the Catskill Mountain Branch
    by Richard J. Niebanck
  • Rails to the Ledge - the Otis Elevating Railway and its Connections
    with extensive illustration
    by Sue Hudson

No. 31 ( Summer, 1998)

  • Cover: U&D 27 and short train (out of season?) at Haines Falls
  • Catskill Memories - Memoir of summers at Haines Falls in the World War I era
    by Hampton C. Randolph, Sr.
  • Early Ulster County - Economic and Industrial Development of Ulster towns in the 19th Century
    by Sue Hudson
  • "Train Wreck Planned - Accused of Plot to Wreck Train to Win Woman"
    reprinted from March 7, 1907 Windham Journal

No. 32 ( Spring, 1999)

  • Cover: The Red Heifer--The Delaware and Northern's Brill Railcar at Arkville
  • Rails Rust in the Catskills by H.H. Gross: RAILROAD Magazine's 1943 Delaware & Northern Story (Part 1)
  • Report on Elections of Officer for 1999
  • Society News and Scheduled Events

No. 33 ( Summer, 1999)

  • Cover: Postcard Views: Crossing the Delaware (Beaver Kill) at East Branch; D&E Wreck May 24, 1908
  • Rails Rust in the Catskills by H.H. Gross: RAILROAD Magazine's 1943 Delaware & Northern Story (Part 2 - Conclusion)
  • Jinxed to the End: The Real End of the Delaware & Northern--From the Catskill Mountain News, 1942
  • Of Red Heifers and Other Doodlebugs: Brill Gas-Electrics of the D&N and the Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride in Context
  • Videotape Review: 1906 Library of Congress U&D and Narrow-Gauge Films
  • Society News and Scheduled Events

No. 34 ( Fall, 1999)

  • Cover: Thomas Cornell (portrait)
  • The Hundred-Year Dynasty of Cornell and Coykendall: Three generations of the family that built the U&D, ran it, plundered it, and broke it--Part I.
  • October 16, 1999 Fan Trip: First Passenger Train Up Rondout Hill in 50 Years; First Meet Between Locomotive-Hauled Passenger Trains in 50 Years.
  • Society News and Scheduled Events

No. 35 ( Winter, 1999)

  • Cover: Samuel Coykendall and New York Governor Charles Evan Hughes
  • A Delaware County Primer by Sue Hudfson: Compilation and description of industries associated with the railroads of Delaware County.
  • The Ramsey Transfer: How it Worked
  • Society News and Scheduled Events