compiled by Thomas Ehrenreich

Society member Tom Ehrenreich transcribed and scanned for his own website a compilation of articles written in 1892 for Engineering News, a preeminent professional journal. Tom has graciously granted us permission to reproduce those articles here.

August 11, 1892

The Otis Elevating Ry., running from Otis Junction, where it connects with the Catskill Mt. Ry., to the top of the mountain near the Mountain House, has been opened for regular freight and passenger traffic. The road is operated by a cable and is 7,000 ft. long, with a total rise of 1,630 ft. The contractors for the grading were Pennell & O'Hern, and for the remainder of the work, with the exception of the boilers and machinery, Mairs & Lewis, of 18 Broadway, New York City. We expect to give a full description of this line in an early issue.

The brief excerpt from August 11 (above) sets the stage for the two profusely-illustrated dated pieces from
*August 18, 1892
*September 8, 1892
that describe in detail the fascinating technical aspects of one of the most intriguing inclined railways that ever existed.

Otis Elevating
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