UDRRHS Decker-Slawson Creamery
Grand Gorge

Decker-Slawson Creamery, Grand Gorge, NY
collection of Dick Makse

(In) 1897, T.W. Decker and Sons built a creamery on the railroad where the Sheffield plant was located, the Roxbury side of Grand Gorge. The Deckers operated this for several years, then the farm changed to the Sheffield Farms, Slawson-Decker Company, Inc. In 1917, the creamery built in 1897 was completely rebuilt and remodeled by Raymond F. Cronk, the first of several Sheffield creameries that he built, in different parts of New York and in Pennsylvania. That creamery continued in business until 1963, when the Sheffield creamery ceased operations. The building stood idle for five years, then was purchased in 1968, by the Becker Tire Service, which also sells feed. The patrons took their milk either to the Daitch Creamery in Roxbury or to Hobart, since closed.

History of the Town of Roxbury by Irma Mae Griffin, (Privately published, Revised ed. 1975)
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