Ulster & Delaware Railroad Historical Society THE DAIRY INDUSTRY

The dairy industry made an important contribution to the revenue picture of New York State railroads and the presence of milk trains on the Ulster & Delaware attests to management's high regard for this commodity. Shipments of milk on the Ulster & Delaware lasted until the early 1950's when the trucking of dairy products became more economical with improved highways throughout the Catskills and down to the New York City market.

(One other railroad of the Catskill region could have become a major player in the dairy trade: the Canajoharie & Catskill. Dairies along the C&C's built and projected path through the fertile rolling hills near the Durhams, Freehold, Cooksburgh and on out to Canajoharie would have been well-served by this nearly stillborn railroad. Since the Road to Potter's Hollow was listed on Beach's survey of the short-lived line, we have included a view of the small creamery at Potter's Hollow, built decades after the railroad disappeared).

  Creamery Town
D&E (Borden) Creamery Pepacton
Cold Spring Creamery Roxbury
Decker-Slawson Creamery Great Gorge
Creamery Potter's Hollow

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